Enhanced Plasmonic Imaging offers a novel way to detect minute amounts of bacteria and chemicals for researchers, labs, and governments’ facilities. It overcomes many of the limitations medical researchers and bio-warfare detection systems now face.

Instead of taking days or weeks to culture, the testing can be done in minutes. Instead of needing a large sampling, this new technology can image an entire sampling at one time and detect particles as small as a single molecule.

Enhanced Plasmonic Imaging uses technology derived from CDs and DVD’s to create an inexpensive but stable grating structures.

This enhanced plasmonic imaging structure intensifies the excitement of surface bound fluorophores used to detect molecules at ultra-sensitive scales. It enhances images by up to 47 times better than flat gold producing much stronger contrast and detection of bacteria, chemicals, and toxic agents. This technology can be used with existing fluorophores and diagnostic equipment.

Benefits for Enhanced Plasmonic Imaging



Graded metallic gratings for ultra-wideband surface wave trapping


1.    Nanocone and nanogap grating structure offers up to 47 times enhancement over flat gold. Increases image contrast and detection.

2.    Fluorescence enhancement allows lower intensity lighting to give the same or better strength signal as high-intensity illumination.

3.    Detects quantities as small as a single particle

4.    DNA detection at levels that negate the need for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

5.    Existing fluorophores used – no new ones to develop.

6.    Virus and bacteria identification without need for culturing for tests such as PSA (prostate specific antigen), tuberculosis, and breast cancer markers.

7.    No probe needed to obtain images so the technology does not distort the local environment. It maintains a high level of imaging accuracy.

8.    Images the entire sample at one time instead of point-by-point scanning needed to obtain the whole image with near-field scanning microscopy.

9.    Lower per-unit cost of manufacturing with the potential to drop even further by leveraging methods of manufacturing at scale.

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