Cory S. Goldberg


    Dr. Cory S. Goldberg is a Plastic Surgeon dual-certified in both the US and Canada, with advanced training in Craniofacial Surgery at the University of Southern California and Cedar’s Sinai. After completing medical school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario he earned a Masters of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering while doing his Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Toronto where he is now an appointed Lecturer in both medicine and engineering faculties. Dr. Goldberg specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and volunteers for Operation Smile doing cleft lip surgery around the world. He runs his cosmetic surgery practice in Toronto and is the Medical Director for Sanctuary International Spas. Dr. Goldberg has recently completed an executive MBA through Cornell and Queen’s schools of business. He has been featured on CTV Canada AM, CBC News, Rogers Media, and City TV Breakfast Television.

        Adam Wallenfang


        He obtained his bachelor’s in Integrative Biology at the University of Illinois with High Honors and Departmental Distinction and received a masters in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Since then he has worked as a support scientist with the USDA in many locations throughout the country. His research experience covers a broad spectrum of fields including health, bioenergy, biotechnology, ecology, agriculture, and genetics. He also teaches college courses in biology and chemistry and has a strong aptitude for public dissemination of scientific concepts. He enjoys shepherding disruptive technology out of the laboratory and into the marketplace.

            Corey Park

            Strategic Advisor

            Mr. Park is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest level in Portfolio Analytics & Risk Management. He also attended the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Leadership & Management) and has served in executive leadership positions for over 20 years. Mr. Parks has closed several acquisitions and multimillion dollar lines of credit from hedge funds; as well as negotiated and / or closed many mergers, strategic partnerships, license and/or sponsored research agreements and joint ventures. As an experienced practitioner of business strategy, he has read, studied and applied numerous books and countless articles relating to business strategy (According to the Wall Street Journal, the most sought after executive skill set is strategic thinking).